Farewell, Woodland Flowers and Gifts

It’s the end of an era as Spirit River’s own flower shop closes its doors this fall.  Woodland Flowers and Gifts has been a go-to place for flowers, gifts, cards and plants for so many years its difficult to imagine Spirit River without it.  Actually, the flower store is such a standard among the businesses of town its hard to remember exactly how long it has been open.  Remember when it was up on main street?  Or when it was across the mall from where it is now?

Over so many years, Woodland Flowers and Gifts has been with us through births and birthdays, weddings and funerals, promotions and retirements.  Many a last minute man or bereaved relative has been rescued or comforted by the capable and tasteful options available at the flower store.  It was a favourite place to warm up at the Christmas Tree Light Up, have some goodies, and try out some new lotions or candle scents.  There is nothing like the smell of fresh, cool roses sweeping out of the flower fridge.  We’re going to miss all that.

Congratulations to Thelma!  Thank you, and happy retirement!  You and all the other “flower store girls” have touched our lives here in Spirit River and we will miss you!  A huge “bouquet” to all of you!

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