Back to School Practice

Have you got little ones who are a bit hesitant about the big Back to School event?  Maybe this idea will help ease them into the routine.

Everyone loves an adventure!  Take your kids on a field trip: pack lunch in school lunchboxes, put a sweater and a colouring book in a backpack (don’t forget your homework, Mom and Dad!) and walk to the school.  You could also pretend your vehicle is the school bus.  There are plenty of things to learn on the way, just use your imagination.  Try going over some of the things the kids might be learning in school, and never forget that what they know already is amazing!

At the school, you can’t go inside just yet, but you can explore the outside to help everyone get familiar with the building.  Point out the classrooms your kids will be in, if you know which ones they are.  The school is not so big as it seems, and it has a great playground.  Maybe you’ll even meet some other students.  When everyone is played out, has had their lunch and finished their school work, they’ll be looking forward to coming back again!

Have a wonderful end to your summer holidays!

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