New Roof for the Arena

Have you seen the beautiful new red roof on the arena?  Gorgeous!




Here’s a little retrospective in honour of the event.  From the Edmonton Journal’s April 14, 1950 edition:

The board of trade is sponsoring an auction sale April 14 and 15 to raise funds for various projects.  A new lease of life is seen in the board of trade, with many farmers becoming members.

A committee, consisting of Dr. Fong Law, Bill Cassie and Douglas Blackie have volunteered to arrange plans for the proposed covered-in skating rink and arena, a long-needed place in this village.

Lilge’s Hardware has been reconstructed by Hamilton and Jolly local carpenters here, it is now a store equal to any this side of Peace River.

There was a lot going on here in the spring of 61 years ago!  It was only a few years later that the arena roof collapsed after a particularly heavy, moist snowfall (picture on page 249 of Chepi Sepe).  Luckily the fans weren’t inside – at that time it wasn’t unusual for 1000 people to show up to see a game.

Today our arena is bigger and better, safer and redder!

Don’t forget: if you have any items of interest to tell Spirit River, send a “post”card to!

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