What a Summer For Wildflowers!

Bergamot: like hyssop it's a member of the mint family.

This summer has been a spectacular one for wildflowers!  You may have noticed:

Paintbrushes, blanket flowers, blue asters, white asters, vetch, goldenrod, clover, buck brush, tansy, chammomile, harebells, daisies, wild sunflowers, cinquefoil, fireweed, toadflax, yarrow, violets, pussytoes, honeysuckle, hyssop, bergamot, wild roses…  Can you add any?  Do you have pictures of Spirit River wild flowers?  Please hit the comment button below or send an email to townspirit@hotmail.com. Thank you!

  • Fireweed and Canola


Purple Asters

Mint, growing at Moonshine Lake









Purple Prairie Clover and Asters

What is it?  Please send a comment if you know!

Do you know what these flowers are called? Please leave a comment.

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