Day Trip: Cotillion Recreation Area

Fifty seven kilometres west of Spirit River, turn off the highway and head down to Cotillion Recreation Area.  It’s a lovely spot on the Peace River, perfect for a day of exploring, plopping rocks in the river, and wandering up the creek to see some hoodoos.

There is a campground and river access maintained by Saddle Hills County, as well as a group site with a cabin.  The cabin is quite nice: it has electricity, running water, an outdoor shower and bathrooms, a phone, and a wood stove.  Not a bad place to meet with the B.C. relatives or friends, or take your summer guests.

If you have a boat, Cotillion Rec. Area is close to Pratt’s Landing, several creeks, and some interesting rock formations on the Peace.

Did you know?  A cotillion is an elaborate dance.  Cotillion Recreation Area is named for Cotillion Butte, a nearby hill where male sharp-tailed grouse perform their mating dance.  It’s a very complicated sequence of patterns and it must be done just right.

Where do you go for summer fun near Spirit River?  Tell us!  Write to

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