Tumbler Ridge: For Outdoor Enthusiasts

This is a summer destination you’ll want to have a few days to spend on because of the huge variety of things to see and do!

First of all, Tumbler Ridge is the Waterfall Node of the North.  There are 30 well-known waterfalls in the area, several of them ranking among the most spectacular in Canada.  With so many to choose from, you can tailor your visit to your needs: falls access ranges from wheel-chair accessible to gruelling back country hikes for the intrepid only.  There is an excellent brochure here.

The most famous falls is Kinuseo, of course: a spectacularly beautiful cascade, high and powerful, and possible to view from both bottom and top.  But equally awesome is Bergeron Falls, with it’s “massive drop-offs”: the water tumbles in incredible distance into a natural rock amphitheatre.  It doesn’t matter which trail you choose; you will see at least one amazing waterfall!

Touring the falls may also present the opportunity to jet boat through a canyon or canoe to the bottom of the cascade.

Tumbler Ridge is in the mountains and there are plenty of hiking opportunities that offer views.  Mountain bike trails offer dare devils a more intense experience.

If swimming floats your boat, you’ve got to have a dip at the Flatbed Pools near Flatbed Falls!  This is a scenic swimming hole with big rocks to jump from and clear, refreshing water.  It’s in the brochure (link above) as well.  If it should happen to be raining, there is a gorgeous indoor pool in town.

The Stone Corral hike is a truly fascinating tour of the unique karst topography near Tumbler Ridge.  There are caves, tarns and a scary picnic site that may take away your appetite, not to mention the Stone Corral, once a sacred place to area tribes.

The Tumbler Ridge Bird Sanctuary may be more in your line, or maybe a look at some of the massive trucks used in the Quintette and Bullmoose mines, now closed but once among the biggest open pit coal mines in the world.

Tumbler Ridge also has dinosaurs!  In 2000, a couple of local kids discovered dinosaur footprints in the rocks on a creek just out of town.  Since then B.C.’s first dinosaur bone beds have been uncovered, one of the world’s largest deposits of fossil fish has been found on the shaly mountain tops nearby, and Tumbler Ridge has embraced these natural treasures by building a Dinosaur Discovery Gallery and The Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre.  You can go and see many of these important finds, in situ.  Walk where the dinosaurs walked!  You can go with museum guides to make sure you know where to look for trackways: the nocturnal tour is especially fun!

Whew!  Tumbler Ridge has a whole summer full of adventure to offer!

Where do you go for summer fun near Spirit River?  Please tell the rest of us with a comment, or write your own post and send it to townspirit@hotmail.com.

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