June Jamboree Quiz and Questions

Spirit River Quiz #4 in honour of June Jamboree tomorrow is just below, but first a few questions that Town Spirit can’t provide answers for.  Can you?  Please comment!

1. What’s your favourite thing about June Jamboree?

2. What demonstrations, entertainment acts, displays, activities, contests, etc. would you like to see at June Jamboree?

3.  Does a written history of Spirit River’s summer celebration exist?  Who were the originators?  How did we party in the past?  Why didn’t the history book have a write up even though so many citizens mention being involved?

OK, that last one crammed in a lot of questions (but they’re all pretty much the same).  On to the Quiz!

Spirit River Quiz 4

1. What was Spirit River’s June Jamboree called before it became June Jamboree?

2. What Spirit River citizen is the Citizen of the Year award named for?

3. What Spirit River group hosts the breakfast at the hall?

OK, have at it!  Ask around at June Jamboree for the answers and this quiz will be June Jamboreeasy!  Answers next week.

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