Answers to Quiz III

How did you do?  Ready for some answers?  Here is Spirit River Quiz III again, with answers below.

1. What are three other names for the Moose Bird?

2. Where and when, according to rumour, did the last wild buffalo in the Peace Country die?

3.  What did Alexander MacKenzie call the Peace River when he explored it in 1792-3?

1. The Moose Bird is also known as the Grey Jay, Canada Jay, or Whiskey Jack.

2. The last wild buffalo was reputedly shot in 1906 near Fort St. John, where someone had taken it in as a pet for its final years.

3. Unjegah (Unchaga), meaning ‘large river’.

How did you make out?  If you’d like to create your own short Spirit River and area quiz, please do!  Send it to

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