The Idlewild Expedition

The excitement about this spring’s York Boat expedition brings to mind another great adventure that started from Dunvegan six years ago on May 24, 2005.  It was the Idlewild Expedition.

Retired bison rancher Ben Gray had the wild idea of navigating the Northwest Passage… in a trawler yacht named Idlewild.  After that, the voyage would continue around the world: “From Dunvegan to the Arctic and Around the World,” “Alberta NWT Greenland Africa Australia Alaska Japan East Indies.”

The short story is that the expedition was completed.  The long story, a much more interesting read, is told by Ben Gray at  through his weekly log on the Idlewild and hundreds of pictures.  There is a lot to be said about a 62,000 km journey around the world, one that included the longest nonstop passage by a trawler yacht (between South Africa and Australia), and was the first circumnavigation of the world to begin inland and use portages!  You can read the log on line; just search for Idlewild Expedition.

The Idlewild is prepared for departure. The voyage begins!

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5 Responses to The Idlewild Expedition

  1. Ben Gray says:

    I like your blog. Many happy memories for us on Idlewild. Any segment of our journey would have been a trip of a lifetime and we were very fortunate to see a incredibly interesting parts of the world. Many places were remote with special people and sights. It was exciting at the time, but surprisingly interesting to review. I am happy to have the book available now and discuss events with old friends and new ones.

  2. Ben Gray says:

    Sold Idlewild Feb 9, 2012 to Silver Valley sailors, Tex & Grete Fimrite, Andy & Julie Gregg and Claude Fox. I hope they feel sadness when they sell her too.

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