“Doggone Scandal” in Spirit River

R. M. Patterson was an Englishman who came to Canada in 1924 looking for adventure.  He had been an artillery officer in the war, ending up as a POW.  Perhaps the idea of returning to his career as a banker seemed rather dull after such excitement.  Whatever his reasons, Patterson chose to explore Northern Canada.

He made two wild expeditions to the Nahanni River Valley.  One, undertaken in 1928, involved transporting a dogsled team by train from Edmonton to Spirit River!  Patterson’s book, Far Pastures, includes a rollicking account of that train journey with five full-sized Alsatians, two puppies and a Husky.  The fun didn’t end when the train pulled into the station.  The “doggone scandal” carried on in Spirit River until finally a provincial policeman suggested that R. M. Patterson and party move on.

The book mentions many people and places in the Peace Country of the 1920s.  It’s a good read, and it’s free!  Look it up here.

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