Have you Had Haskap?

They look like tiny blue potatoes, these lumpy plummy berry-beans that taste something like a mix between blueberries and raspberries.  Also called Honeyberry or Blue Honeysuckle (it is actually a form of honeysuckle), Haskap certainly sounds like a taste-bud tantalizing new fruit on the Canadian Prairies.

Haskap is native to Siberia and Northeast Asia, meaning it’s hardy enough for the Northern Canadian winter as well.  A haskap bush can survive a winter of -45 degree temperatures.  It’s an early bloomer with flowers that can withstand a few frosts.  Haskap do well in their adopted land, often bearing fruit in the first year after planting and spreading rapidly.  In fact, they thrive.  in 2007 the University of Saskatchewan produced Borealis haskap at least twice the size of 35 Russian varieties.  A Japanese Company declared it the best tasting of 43 samples!

If you’re tempted by the sweet succulent honeysuckle haskap you can look into getting your own bush at Treetime.ca.  Or take a spring drive down to Dunvegan Gardens or Green Island Gardens (both open now) and ask our local garden experts about Borealis or Tundra haskap.  By next year’s June Jamboree, you might just make the winning jam!

If you want to taste haskap, check out the Peace Cherry Ranch near Berwyn.  More information about that here.

Tell us how you like haskap!

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