Answers to Spirit River Quiz II

Did you do your research?  Let’s find out…

Here was the quiz:

I.  When was the first North West Mounted Police detachment opened in Spirit River?

II.  What was the name of Spirit River’s first newspaper, and when was it published?

III.  What was the Spirit River Trail?

And the answers are:

I.  1915.  But by 1917, policing in the prairie provinces underwent drastic changes due to war conditions and subsequent cancellation of contracts with the federal government.  The Spirit River detachment was closed, along with many others.

II. The Spirit River Echo.  It was out of business before 1920.  Does anyone know its years of operation?

III.  A major grain hauling route from the B.C. Peace, built on a rail link that had been abandoned.  It was used until 1928, when B.C. farmers hauled to Hythe on a new route instead.

How did you do?  Are you a more knowledgeable know-it-all now?

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