My Peace River Home

It’s Sunday so let’s have a little music.  Sing along if you know the tune!

There’s a place I know, I’m thinking of, I long to be there, In the land I love.

In my childhood days, Over the hills I roamed, Why did I leave MY PEACE RIVER HOME?

Through the peaceful pines, where the wind blows free, My heart goes back there with my memory

I see my cabin standing there all alone, The one I call MY PEACE RIVER HOME

The winding river that everyone knows, Throughout the northland the Peace River flows.

The raging waters, and the busy foam, I’ll always love MY PEACE RIVER HOME

Down through these long years, since I’ve been away, I always knew I’d return some day.

For my lonesome heart, with the pine trees’ moan,

Keeps calling me, MY PEACE RIVER HOME

-Bob Regan

AWWW!  Maybe that will bring some people home for Easter!

Sheet music and sound file here.

Do you know a song about the Spirit River area?  Please send it along to and set Spirit River singing!

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