The Geese are Here!

They’ve been spotted: Canada Geese near Spirit River.  After a remarkable week of melting, they’re here here at last!

There are at least twelve subspecies of Canada goose and probably more.  They’re hard to tell apart because the differences in colouring are slight and they don’t mind co-habitation of a good pond.  The geese we see in the Spirit River area are probably the lesser Canada goose.  And the best place to see them is just south of Spirit River where the water reservoir ponds and some wandering wetlands with scruffy grass make a great place to nest in the spring and rest in the fall.

Canada geese are rare only in that they’re one of the few species whose numbers are actually on the rise.  Why?  The wetlands are disappearing but most of the subspecies are just fine.  They’re also taking to sticking out the northern winters in some places rather than migrating south.  It’s food that they follow, and now there is increasingly available grain left over in more fields.  A fat goose doesn’t mind the cold so much.

Spirit River won’t lose that famous flying V soon, though.  Our children and theirs will be able to delight in this spring harbinger for many years to come, maybe while out for a walk on an April afternoon.

Have you got a good place to watch the geese migrate?  What about interesting information about our local wildlife?  Your ideas are welcome here at Town Spirit.  Send them to

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