Spirit River Artist Online

Herb Sellin grew up on a farm near Spirit River.  You can tell by the subject matter of many of his paintings: prairie landscapes, barns, wagon wheels, snow shadows.  That early inspiration has led to 35 years (so far) of painting landscapes and portraits of things he knows.

Sellin paints in acrylics, using bold colours and design to create striking images.  He counts Tom Thompson and French Impressionists among his influences, and that comes out in his use of strong contrasting colours and a technique similar to pointillism.

Most famously, Sellin painted John G. Diefenbaker posing in a wheat field near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  But most of Sellin’s paintings are strongly Albertan.  Many are of familiar places like the Peace Valley, The Rocky Mountains, ranch land, and bush.

Last year, Sellin put together a retrospective exhibition of his work, over 600 paintings spanning 35 years.  You can see them here in his online gallery.  A few are still for sale including, unbelievably, the Diefenbaker portrait.  You have a great opportunity to own a famous piece of Canadian history!  Be sure to browse the site – even if you don’t need a new painting, you can enjoy this artist’s achievements in committing beautiful Alberta scenes to paper.

Do you know someone who should be a Featured Person on Town Spirit?  Email townspirit@hotmail.com!

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2 Responses to Spirit River Artist Online

  1. Herb Sellin says:

    A friend of mine found your website and sent it to me.
    I was surprised and pleased to find information about myself on Town Spirit.
    Thank you,

    Herb Sellin
    Canadian Artist, Calgary

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