More About Moonshine!

Most people around here already know: Moonshine Lake is one of the great natural treasures we have here in the Spirit River area.  Now that the crowds from Moonshine Fun Day are gone and silence reigns once more in the boreal forest, lets revisit the natural beauty of the place.

Most visitors know the lake and the rink and the docks and the playgrounds, the campsite and cook houses.  Those are the people places.  The imported aspect of Moonshine Lake.  To get to know the wonders that brought the people to it in the first place, you have to move beyond the roads and the beaches.

To do this in winter, you’ll need some snowshoes, skis, or high boots.  Take the skis if you want a trail and maps, the snowshoes if you’re more adventurous.  Then just get out there among the trees.

If it’s windy the forest will sway and creak, the snow will skiff into the hollows around every trunk, and spruce needles will shower down.  If it’s calm you’ll hear the echoing tap of flickers hammering through bark or the conversation of chickadees.  On a sunny day slanting beams make their way through the aisles of trees, sending bold shadows before them, and on a snowy day the scene softens to greyish green with white touches on every branch.

Fresh snow is soon imprinted by the feet of rabbits large and small, of weasels and industrious squirrels, and of coyotes about their business.  If you are as still as the forest, you will see a deer or two, peering at you.  The moose are also there but you have to be very lucky to see them.

Have a good look around you.  Realize that you are likely the only person in the whole 847 hectares.  Here there is peace, silence and solitude.  It’s good to be here.

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