Northern Woods and Water Route

Did you know that Spirit River is on the Northern Woods and Water Route?  This description from is chuckleworthy:

The start of the 2400 km / 1419 mi. Northern Woods and Water Route – 300 km (186 mi.) of it over graveled roads – is Dawson Creek, in British Columbia. It leads through virtually unpopulated territory towards Winnipeg, and there is the possibility of catching a quick fish or seeing game from the road on the way. Service stations are a day’s journey apart.

This route from Dawson Creek through the north of Alberta and Saskatchewan to Winnipeg in Manitoba gives access to a chain of lakes and rivers, and to delightful, but little visited, provincial parks. At the northern edge of the settlement cornfields and grazing meadows, villages and lonely farmsteads alternate with great expanses of timberland.

How delightfully empty it is up here.  And we like it that way!

Perhaps Planetware is using a write up from 1974, when the Northern Woods and Water Route was designated to increase tourist travel (and get some paved roads and gas stations!)  The NWWR followed paths, Red River Cart trails, corduroy roads and railways from the days of early settlement in Western Canada’s Northern regions.   Highway 49, the Spirit River Highway, is the westernmost section.

So, next time you head out, get on the Northern Woods and Water Route and be on the look out for “game,” “lonely farmsteads”, and the NWWR symbol!

What do you know about Spirit River’s roads and routes?  Tell Town Spirit at!

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