Lion “Terrorizes” Rycroft, Shot on Main Street

It’s early on a July morning in 1950.  An electric air of excitement has been permeating for days… the circus carnival is in town!

Among the performers are three African lions.  The biggest of them somehow escapes its cage, padding past three sleeping carnival workers.  Sniffing the fresh morning air, the 750-pound cat heads up-town.

Glancing out the kitchen window, sleepy eyed Mr. Jones blinks in disbelief, then lets out a quiet whistle.  A few doors down, Mrs. Smith drops the frying pan and snatches Johnny from the back yard.

Soon there is a small crowd of carnival workers, and men from the town, including an RCMP officer, gathered on main street with the lion.  Leo is not to be impressed by “here kitty kitty” tactics.  Meat inside its cage is not so intriguing as the sights and sounds of Rycroft.

There is no happy ending here, except that no humans were harmed in the making of this story.  The constable took action against the “snarling animal”.  The citizens of Rycroft could once more roam the streets of town, safe and sound.

Does anyone have a first hand account of the lion who terrorized main street, Rycroft 61 years ago?  Town Spirit would love to hear from you!  Email


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