Bear Mountain Ski Hill

Snow is great – we live up here in Northern Alberta, an absolute winter playground!  And among the greatest winter rushes are downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Bear Mountain Ski Hill, only an hour away in Dawson Creek, B.C., is a magical place for outdoor enthusiasts.  Two main runs are open up to 16 hours a day (well-lit for night runs).  Ride the T-bar up 500 feet, take in the panoramic view, then hold your breath to go sssshhhhhhkiffffffing dooooooown!

If you aren’t up to that yet, don’t worry, there are lessons or, if you just aren’t into the slopes at all (maybe you have the proverbial broken leg) there’s  satellite tv inside;-)

When the skiing and snowboarding are done, relax around the indoor fireplace.  If you’ve planned ahead, it’s Friday – Steak Night!

You’ll feel like you’ve had a getaway in the mountains, but without worrying about that long winter drive.  No hotel fees either, because you’re only an hour away from home sweet home in Spirit River.

And that’s Spirit River for you!

What are you’re favourite winter sporting sites?  Please leave a comment here or email

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