Patricia Joudry

Who knew Spirit River was a hot spot for theatre stars?  Well, here’s another, this time a playwright.  Patricia Joudry was born here in Spirit River in 1921.  She became one of Canada’s greatest radio writers, with her comedy shows being particularly favoured: she wrote The Aldrich Family.

She wrote several stage plays, in Canada and in England, including The Sand Castle, Walk Alone Together, Semi-Detached, A Very Modest Orgy, and Think Again.  Her most successful play was her first: Teach Me How to Cry won an award at the Dominion Drama Festival, was produced world-wide, and was turned into a film.

Later she went through a metaphysical stage, “channeling” dozens of plays from dead authors like Shakespeare, Chekhov and Oscar Wilde.  She wrote two autobiographies, which must be quite interesting to read.

Several of Joudry’s books and plays are available on Amazon, including Teach me How to Cry and Spirit River to Angels’ Roof: religions I have loved and left.  Obviously she remembered her roots throughout her long, eventful life.  Patricia Joudry died in 2000.

Besides being a successful playwright and radio drama writer, Patricia Joudry was a pioneer of Sound Therapy: using specialized music to reduce stress.

Joudry was very sensitive to noise and found that her health was suffering.  But, starting with serendipity, she developed the Sound Therapy method to treat her own insomnia.  In only a few weeks she was sleeping soundly and full of energy.  She wrote a book, Sound Therapy For the Walkman (since retitled Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge Your Brain) to share her discovery with the rest of the world.

Joudry’s method has since been combined with the discoveries of ear specialist Dr. Tomatis to perfect the system of listening to highly filtered classical music to improve health.  The music includes a constant succession of alternating high and low tones, which stimulate the ear and brain.  The process is complicated and not fully understood, but the stimulation results in higher blood flow to certain centres of the brain, which results in the person having more energy, greater concentration and creativity, and less stress.

Sound Therapy International, the company which has grown from Joudry’s original work, also includes improvement of tinnitus, hearing loss, balance or vertigo, increased voice quality and range, and even more communicative children in their list of benefits.

That could be why Joudry’s daughter, Rafaele, has become a very successful international speaker.  She’s an active member of Sound Therapy International and was instrumental in making sound therapy available to the average person.  Following Patricia’s example, Rafaele has written three books.  She also writes articles, does interviews on radio and tv, and speaks to various community and professional groups.  She designs international training programs for Sound Therapy as well.

Patricia Joudry may have passed on, but her legacy is still going strong.  It is likely to become more important: the world certainly isn’t getting any quieter, not even in Joudry’s home town Spirit River!

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