Fairview-Spirit River Alberta Legend

Grant Notley is a famous name here in the Peace Country.  He was a man of integrity, intelligence, and real determination who was just beginning to win some success for himself and for the NDP party when tragedy struck.

A plane crash may have ended Notley’s life, but his tremendous charisma has lived on.  A quarter century later, all of Alberta still remembers his contributions to the political scene.  In 2008, he made the top ten list of Alberta’s Greatest Citizens, and just this week, his old riding was renamed Dunvegan Central Peace-Notley in his honour.

There is much to be said about Grant Notley, and others have already said it well.  If you would like to read more, The Fairview Post has this article today.

And the Calgary Herald published Best of Alberta back in 2008.

Hats off to a truly great local Alberta legend!

Do you know of a local person who deserves to be featured in an article?  Please tell Town Spirit!  Write a comment below or email townspirit@hotmail.com.

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