Aurora Borealis

Spirit River is a great place to see the mystic Northern Lights.  We have a big, dark sky, unpolluted by city lights, and we’re pretty far up North in Canada, the best place in the world to see the Aurora Borealis.  Those are all the ingredients we need for some awesome viewing.

It’s a lot more fun to sky watch when you have a good idea of whether or not your outdoor stakeout is going to yield some results.  Luckily, we have  The website is the bright idea of some University of Alberta scientists.  It has been in operation for two years now, and thousands of people are making use of it to increase their chances of seeing the lights.

Aurora Watch website forecasts the likelihood of activity.  If there is a 50% chance of aurora, the graph shows a green bar.  The bars are amber as chances get better, and red if it’s really time to get outside and have a look.  You can have emails sent straight to you telling you when sky watching should be exciting.  Tonight’s chance?  17%

It is an Edmonton based forecast: real-time magnetometer data is collected from Ministik, just outside of Edmonton.  But since Edmonton is south of us, if they have a good chance of seeing Northern Lights, we have a great chance of seeing them.  And in Spirit River, we don’t have to drive anywhere to escape city lights.

Just another reason Spirit River is a great place to be!

Have you had a spectacular experience with the Aurora?  Any pictures?  Please share them with Spirit River!  Email or comment here.

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