Ghost River part II

A second Cree legend of Chepi sepe has a more specific spirit doing the haunting.  There is said to have been a woman buried in a grove of trees somewhere near the river.  When the wind blew through the branches, it wailed… or was it the ghost of the poor dead woman?

She herself is a mystery.  Why was she buried beside the river?  It would not be unusual.  We know that around the same time several people were buried near the Peace River at the Dunvegan Settlement.  Their graves were still there until recently, when erosion forced archaeologists and historians to move them to a new resting place.  Is the spirit woman’s grave still it its original place?  We’ll never know, because there never was a written record.  Why should she haunt the river?  Again, we’ll never know, but your imagination might help to satisfy your curiosity.

Maybe the real story has been handed down in your family?  If so, please tell the rest of us through Town Spirit!

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