Child of the Peace Country

Spirit River and area has produced a surprising number of authors.  Most write non-fiction: maybe the lure and mystery of the Peace Country is so great there is no need for imagination in the telling of a good local story.

Douglas Warren Greenfield is an Eaglesham author.  His book, “Child of the Land”, is his autobiography; a story of the pioneering life in the Peace Country.  He writes of the things he learned from the land while homesteading, exploring, hunting… and skydiving and flying a homemade gyrocopter.  Then Mr. Greenfield spent some time in the Royal Canadian Navy and 25 years working with B.C. and Alberta Provincial Parks.  Sounds like an interesting read!

“Child of the Land” is available here, where you will also find Greenfield’s second book, an historical novel titled “A Time to Run.”  This is a great website for discovering other local authors as well!  Be sure to follow some of the links.

Do you know any Peace Country authors?  Are you a writer?  Please tell us here at Town Spirit!

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2 Responses to Child of the Peace Country

  1. Greetings Town Spirit, Should I say “Merry Christmas” this early in October. Outside the snow is falling and the flowers are still blooming. Such is life in the Peace Country.

    I noticed that you have listed my book, “Child of the Land” (Douglas Warren Greenfield) Thank you for that. I wonder if I could have you update the book’s web address, I see that it is quite out of date. It is now listed under our own Peace Country Publications Company, “Artscript Publications” This along with my new new book “A Time to Run” which is an historical novel.

    I should also let you know that I have been attempting to bring our Peace country Authors and writers together under a website entitled ” Peace Country Authors and Writers” This might be a valuable book source for you.

    I have a number of authors on this site and am trying to get the word out to other local authors.

    Thanks for your good work,

    Doug Greenfield

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