Equinox Harvest Moon

The moon is something Spirit River shares with all the world.  This year’s harvest moon (yesterday) was extra special because it coincided with the equinox.  In case you missed the news, this hasn’t happened since 1991 and won’t happen again until 2029.

The full moon is always spectacular.  Many photographers will place a famous monument or landmark in silhouette against the giant night light in the sky.  Here in Spirit River we’ve got a few church spires to serve the purpose, especially the onion dome of the Ukrainian Church.  But the most compelling scene to people from Spirit River must be the harvesters, sailing across a dark field like a ship skims the sea (imagine all this from a distance).

Now look past the romantic image.  This photograph would tell a real story.    Of the great plans for the fruits of a year’s labour and patience.  A story of the futile desire for the weather to cooperate.  Of the considerations that next year things should be done differently, or that things should turn out differently.  You might go on to think of how many people are fed by the crops in the Peace Country and of how much farmland has been urbanized recently, or of the history of the land and the people who have been there.  What will the equinox full moon shine on in 2029?

Now that harvest moon silhouette photograph is really speaking, especially to people from Spirit River and places like it.

Does anyone have a photo like this?  Does anyone have any harvest or moon photos?
We’d love to see them here at Town Spirit.

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