History Hits the Streets

It’s hard to miss the shiny new black granite plinths around town, and unlike the average plaque, these are worth taking notice of.  It’s Spirit River’s own history there, in place, right where we’ve left it, only written down for those who can’t remember.  Spirit River’s roots written in stone.  And it’s interesting history (in brief doses with pictures;)  It’s so interesting that teenagers have been seen stopping to have a look… and looking at the real historical building or street right behind the plinth where it’s so handy, just like in a museum exhibit.

A gorgeous fall day like today would be the perfect type of day to take in our historical walking tour.

And if you find the history taster interesting, there is a mine of further information to be found in Chepi Sepe Our Land, Our People, our local history book.  Long time locals know that, and also that copies of the book can be found at the library and museum.  Today we have a modern version of the old tome too, on the internet.  Chepi Sepe is available, free, for our reading pleasure at Our Roots.  It’s another site that’s hard to find just by Googling, but if you want to do it that way, here’s a tip: the search function at ourroots.ca doesn’t find Spirit River or Chepi Sepe, so you  have to go to Browse, then Title, then through C, Ch, to Chepi Sepe.

However you go about it, finding out about local history is more interesting than it might seem.  Try it out, and if you discover something interesting tell us here at Town Spirit!

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