Who’s Hungry?

It’s Friday night and no one wants to cook.  Let’s go out!

Luckily Spirit River has a great restaurant ready to receive us.  Meals, both eat in and take out, are ready almost as quickly as fast food.  There’s a comprehensive menu with Chinese and Western cuisine, and wisps of warm, cooking scents waft across main street, especially on a cool autumn night.

But it takes more than good food to make a restaurant like our Spirit River Restaurant.  There has to be an atmosphere, established through long familiarity and a sense of home territory.  It takes a staff of local people who really are interested in whether you are enjoying your evening – your life in general.  There have to be regulars, who come in to meet friends over coffee the same way they might in their own kitchens.  Maybe some of those people only see their friends at the Meeting Place.

The Spirit River Restaurant has all that.  Can you imagine such a personal, comfortable experience in Grande Prairie?  There it would have to be sought out and cultivated.  At the Spirit River Restaurant, it’s right there waiting for us.

What do you think is better about life in Spirit River?  Tell us on the blog!

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One Response to Who’s Hungry?

  1. m.l. says:

    i know what you mean about small town serviece. i live in a small town too and i dont ever want to live in a city.

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